Create Your Custom Boot logo easily with Simple Steps

This is a tutorial to create a custom Boot Logo.
(This will work for all MediaTek processor Based Android Smartphones)
What you need is a tool called LogoBuilder and a logo.bin file.
(Custom recovery CWM or TWRP needed to flash boot logo)
Instructions :1.Download and Extract to a folder.
2.Run LogoBuilder.exe from the folder.
3.Click on the first green icon button titled as Create new project.
4.Open the provided logo.bin.
5.Select an empty directory or just create new one for the logo.bin to be extracted.
6.Now the tool will process and extract the original boot logo files to the previously selected folder.
7.The original boot logo files are extracted in the folder and the same appear in the application window.
8.Create the desired boot logo using any image editor of exact dimension of your screen Resolution and save the image in png format.
9.Create two copies of the desired boot logo and name them as img1.png andimg39.png.
10.Move and replace these desired boot logo images in the boot logo folder where original boot logo files are extracted.
11.In the tool window, the images should be updated.
12.Click on the blue icon button titiled as Make.
13.The tool will create in the boot logo folder.
14.Copy the in your SD-card or Internal Storage and then flash it using CWM or TWRP.
15.You're DONE ! Congratulations, you just created a custom boot logo for your android.
This is the boot logo created for Xolo Q800 users :

Sohanur Rahman Sobuz

Hi. I’m Sohanur Rahman Sobuz. I’m CEO/Founder of DroidBuzzz™. I actually created this blog for Symphony W72 User cause there is No Custom Rom for it. Thats Why I started Porting Custom ROM and Publish here. In the Meantime many Visitors have come to my blog thats why I publish other phone's rom too. Actually I am not a Dev.

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